Sometimes, industries are prisoners of their own success.

The hearing aid industry is profitable and stable, with moderate and steady growth and almost no new entrants. A healthcare with healthy profit margins.

But we believe that the current product offering is lagging behind technological possibilities and is too slow in facing new patient-habits and market opportunities. This technological gap is a major motivation for our innovation efforts.

Two Pi creates innovative IP for hearing devices, supplying manufacturers in healthcare, medical implant and professional audio communications industries.

We have been providing algorithmic IP for DSP hearing aids since 2003, applied for first patent for user-driven fitting of hearing aids using smartphone in 2009, developed and clinically validated self-fitting apps in 2011… and this journey of innovation continues.

Today we can showcase an unmatched portfolio of innovative hearing healthcare solutions: wether on hardware or in the cloud, on touchscreen or streamed directly to your ear.

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