Drive Innovation in Hearing Healthcare

Two Pi delivers IP for innovative medical devices, supplying manufacturers in the hearing healthcare, medical implant and professional audio communications industries. It is Two Pi’s cross-industry experience that accelerates the development process and gives a broader perspective to challenge existing corporate product concepts.


As Co-Designer we deliver ENABLING TECHNOLOGIES for hearing healthcare, medical implant and professional audio communications industries. Corporate innovators can fully benefit from Two Pi’s profound expertise in product design and cross-industrial signal processing system integration.

Two Pi assists corporate innovators to break their cycle of slow incremental innovation, providing technology in an advanced stage of development, pre-tested in clinical and market conditions.

Your benefits:

  • Substantial added value by differentiating from industry peers
  • Brisk utilization of externaly developed innovations
  • Branding of ready-to-go technology
  • Time to market



As IP-Supplier we provide premium level signal processing features for key players in the hearing healthcare, implant, and professional audio communications industries. Two Pi’s intellectual property results from a streamlined scientific program carried out with university partners. IP blocks are usually provided as software libraries and are crafted to comply to quality standards for medical devices. When utilizing Two Pi as an IP-supplier, corporate customers benefit from both reduced costs for product innovation and minimized development risk, which is ensured through immediate benchmarking of the already existing IP.

Your benefits:

  • Proven added value
  • Reduced investment in R&D
  • Minimized technological risk
  • Time-to-market



As Overall Firmware Provider we build uniquely customized products while combining Two-Pi´s advanced audio software with our DSP engineering services. Because Two Pi is responsible for delivering the finished, productized firmware (incorporating professional handling of all manufacturing demands and quality assurance issues), internal DSP know-how at the customer is not necessarily required. If needed, all deliverable packages can be supported by a sustainable DSP technology knowledge transfer.

Your benefits:

  • Your product is our product!
  • Closed gap between customer’s and competitor’s offerings
  • Unique products through high customization flexibility
  • Reliable support in all phases of product creation, development and pre-production
  • Sustainable DSP technology transfer (if requested)