Two Pi announces unified technology for BLE-supported fitting

Traverso™ Technology for hearing healthcare supports future scenarios for Telehealth, OTC distribution and interactive personalization of hearing aids.

Traverso is the signal processing technology that interacts directly with the user. It is intuitively simple yet scientifically profound basis for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)–connected listening products.

Technology bundle consists of embedded audio processing software, firmware for BLE transmission and high-level API for iOS/Android. As a pioneer in interactive adjustment of hearing aids Two Pi GmbH holds patents on methods for self fitting of hearing aids and builds upon a history of related clinical trials. The accumulated experience relates to both audiological aspects and usability of touch-screen interfaces.

Traverso supports several HW options (BLE and DSP circuits) and covers product categories of “hearables”, OTC (Over-the-Counter) listening devices and, of course, medically regulated hearing aids.

System topography

BLE link operates data services between Smart Device and Hearing Device. Building upon this robust connection an audiology oriented API (application Programming Interface) is designed.

Smooth User Experience

Traverso API provides dedicated functions for in-situ diagnostics, self-fitting and smart control of hearing devices. Around those functions, a range of user scenarios can be developed.


Please contact us for more information about availability of iOS/Android apps for hearing healthcare, product development, medical regulation issues, CE certification and about our partners in hardware and mobile health.