Patented audiology app

To establish the patient-driven app services in healthcare programs or in the industry product portfolio itself, a corporate action is needed. Care providers, health services, insurers, and manufacturers are invited to broaden hearing healthcare worldwide through the implementation of IamAllEars.



 • Paired Comparison HA Adjustment 
 • 2-tone Hearing Loss Screening 
 • ACALOS Loudness Scaling 

 patented  ✔︎ 

 prototyped  ✔︎ 
 efficacy proven in clinical pilot study  ✔︎ 
 human factor engineering tested  ✔︎ 

 US regulations:  
 FDA pre-sub 510(k) ✔︎ 

Care Pi is in charge of IamAllEars commercialization and proceeds with use case translation for implementation in Digital Health programs.



IamAllEars is a patent based, open innovation app that directly delivers premium level audiology procedures and services to people with hearing impairment.


Independently whether you are a hearing aid adopter or a non-adopter, the need in aids that straightforwardly allow both, self-fitting and/or self-diagnose of one’s hearing status is unquestioned!


IamAllEars fully corresponds with the need of hearing healthcare improvement. The app combines audiology services and hearing aid programming. It is either customized as an integrated healthcare/telehealth delivery, or built as a stand-alone app allowing self-fitting / personalization of any Over-the-Counter regulated hearing device – hearing aids, hearables, …