Wind Noise Cancellation

WNX (Wind Noise Cancellation) resolves the problem of disturbing wind noise with innovative acoustical signal restoration.




WNX invites you for a WALK 

Using hearing aids in an outdoor environment has for a long time been synonymous with upsetting wind noise. But there is a remedy: Two Pi’s Wind Noise Cancellation algorithm WNX fully outperforms common approaches that only apply pure gain reduction in the presence of wind to hide the disturbance – damaging the desired acoustical content in the process.



… and TALK!

Acoustical signal restoration in WNX utilizes a source separation concept to effectively recover the desired signal that is hidden in the contaminated mixture. WNX improves the listening comfort while preserving the spectral character – the real acoustical nature of the desired signal.

The positive effect of reduced wind noise on cognitive effort in understanding speech is obvious, making it much easier to concentrate on conversation when WNX takes care of wind noise. WNX maintains the directional hearing during wind presence making uninterrupted conversation possible.