Dynamic Range Compression

The algorithm is designed to harmonize the loudness of a signal with the ear’s sensitivity. While providing a non-uniformly spaced filter bank structure analogous to natural hearing, the system achieves an optimal ratio between frequency resolution and group delay.




Flexible configuration

As many as 15 psycho acoustically significant frequency regions (bands), all of them individually adjustable, provide utmost performance for any branded product. Spacing of the channels follows the model of human hearing!

SWIFT WDRC applies compression, infinite compression or expansion, depending on the input sound pressure level. Utilizes import of NAL-NL2 or similar prescriptions.




Unrivaled performance:
15 log-spaced channels in 2.5 ms

The group delay of 2.5 milliseconds virtually eliminates reverberation effects. Maintaining the linear phase and terminating the time-domain aliasing it pushes performance to previously unattainable levels, surpassing all prior industry standards.