Frequency Translation

FT (Frequency Translation) broadens effective bandwith of audibility by mapping the masked spectral range onto the more capable regions of hearing.




FT rediscovers the obscured sounds …

Whenever the spectral content of sounds coincides with the areas of severe hearing damage or insufficient acoustical gain there will be a drop in audibility and perceptual efficiency.

FT helps by mapping the spectral content from mostly high frequency affected spectral range onto the more capable regions of hearing. FT’s input-to-output frequency characteristic is continuous with adjustable frequency threshold. The result: broader effective bandwidth and greatly improved audibility.



… and modifies the sound – but with care

During the development of FT we kept one overriding principle in mind: original sound quality must be preserved during processing. FT keeps inter-harmonic distortions at a minimum and delivers clear sound whether you are enjoying sparkling violin sounds, listening to singing birds or experiencing the crisp sounds of speech consonants.