Acoustic Comfort Optimization

ACO (Acoustic Comfort Optimization) eliminates impulsive noise by analyzing sound with generalized signal statistics.




ACO, the genuine “smooth operator”…

There are many situations where common hearing aids unfortunately intensify annoying sounds. A restaurant is one such acoustical environment where dish and silverware rattle can turn a conventional hearing aid into a source of distress.

ACO is highly effective in relieving impulsive noise disturbances without negatively influencing speech intelligibility, thereby delivering optimal comfort for a variety of commonplace listening situations.



Focusing on speech!

ACO is capable of accurately identifying annoying transient noise-peaks and separating them from transients in speech. The intensity of short noise-spikes doesn’t have to be absorbed by the relatively slow gain reduction of dynamic compression: ACO tames the short noise spikes and leaves the fine structure of speech plosives to pass unaffected.

High resolution in time and frequency are the foundation for ACO’s exceptional performance. The preserved fine structure of speech provides cognitive benefits resulting in fluent conversations, increased acoustic comfort, and higher acceptance of your hearing aid product.