2PI in Branded Products

Here are examples of products realized in our partnerships

Hearing-aid family

Firmware for a hearing aid hybrid by ON-Semiconductor is derived from Two Pi’s advanced algorithm portfolio and customized for leading hearing aid manufacturers to achieve accurate product positioning. By partnering with Two Pi a hearing aid company makes a quantum leap from one-size-fits-all hearing-aid amplifiers to a tailored DSP based product. Manufacturers can create distinctive products that match their particular market demands and significantly increase their market share.

Hearing healthcare implant

The implant is equipped with customized Two Pi digital audio processing software with algorithms adapted to optimally serve the specific electroacoustical components. Key hearing implant manufacturers benefit from Two Pi’s engineering expertise and its quality assurance in compliance with medical standards.

Assistive listening device

The branded product includes Two Pi’s digital audio processing software running on the BelaSigna DSP system by ON Semiconductor. Selection of signal processing features along with a balanced product concept yields an excellent market value for customers. Years after introduction, the branded product remains state-of-the-art and delivers enduring sales quantities.

Professional communication unit for special user groups

The manufacturer utilizes Two Pi audio processing algorithms for a Bela Signa processor to improve speech communication in extreme acoustical environments. Robust signal processing is implemented to satisfy the very challenging requirements of industrial standards for professional communication devices. Flexibility is provided by Two Pi’s algorithm platform and its customization according to targeted usage. The DSP processor is expandable with Bluetooth and WiFi interfaces.

Hearing protection device

The branded device is based on the ON-Semi Bela Signa 300 and utilizes Two Pi’s advanced audio processing algorithms and dedicated control routine software. Advanced technology and experience from sophisticated in-the-ear hearing aid applications is effectively transferred into the personal protection equipment (PPE) industry.

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