Introducing FLEXO

FLEXO – orthogonal dynamic range compression, makes nothing less than a pradigm shift.

FLEXO is Two Pi’s novel, patent-pending method for dynamic range transformation. FLEXO resolves the dilemma of conventional Wide Dynamic Range Compression: fast and distorted vs. clean but lazy.

The algorithm of FLEXO performs continuous statistical analysis of the acoustical signal and employs characteristic “orthogonal” compression. This approach is responsive and gentle at the same time, retaining the envelope structure of the speech and reducing the cognitive load during speech perception.

Instead of using a single CR value for control of the whole compressing range, FLEXO regards CR as a flexible basis for projecting one dynamic range to another dynamic range.

FLEXO is not slowing its reaction by dampening time-constants or lowering the prescribed Compression Ratio. The dynamics of a signal is retained while overall mapping of input and output dynamic ranges is ensured – the best of both worlds!

FLEXO – basis for future hearing products

Perfect for demanding listening situations, for both medical devices and non-clinical hearing products, FLEXO is designed to reduce the dependency on diagnostics by audiometry and elaborate fitting.

FLEXO is an another addition to the Traverso™ platform for BLE enabled hearing devices – a platform designed and developed today for hearing products of the future.


Visit FLEXO or Traverso sites for more technical detail, or contact us directly with your demands.